Die Liemba wird wohl generalüberholt

Kurz nach Jahresbeginn gibt es aktuelle Informationen über die Situation der Liemba, vormals Goetzen, zu vermelden:

We are not sure when the Liemba is going to be sailing again as she is currently being repaired. We had heard that she will then be completely refurbished so it may be several months before she is sailing again.

Diese Nachricht erreichte uns wieder einmal über Louise Horsfall, die zusätzlich noch News rund um ihre Kipili Lake Shore Lodge am Tanganjikasee mitschickte:

We are currently closed for the month of February for our annual leave but Chris and I are enjoying the quiet time here and have decided not to travel. The weather has been so beautiful the past few days and everything is lovely and green. It really is a special time of the year.

Our new news is that we are going to be starting Wellness Retreats at Lake Shore from May which we are very excited about. They will be 2-week retreats and we are going to bring out an Ayurveda Healer from India who will do our Ayurveda healing as well as massages and a yoga master who will do yoga and meditation with our guests. I will send you more of these details when I have finished putting the final package together.

Das alles klingt doch alles sehr spannend.

Vielen Dank, liebe Louise, für diese Neuigkeiten.

Sarah Paulus & Rolf G. Wackenberg

Die Autoren:  Sarah Paulus  &  Rolf G. Wackenberg



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